Dewdrops like pearls of crystal in the grass

It’s strange how snowflakes can be so uniquely and perfectly shaped. A wise woman wrote once that the song of birds actually is what makes things grow. When I reach out in space with my thoughts, I can’t grasp the vastness of it all. It’s strange how every flower opens up in a spiral movement. It’s miraculous how a baby’s smile is full of bliss. It’s amazing how our bodies have the intelligence to heal. It is humbling how change of perspective can change our point of view. It’s funny when I help others – I’m really helping myself. It is strange how you make me laugh when you laugh. It is beautiful how birds synchronise when they fly. It is humbling to realise that in our time here on earth we wont reach any destination. There lies a beauty in the thought that the journey it self is the goal. And it is amazing how small water particles in the atmosphere catches light, and gives us a perfect vision of a symetric rainbow… It is strange when some say everything is mathematical and always adds up. We are nature and nature is our habitat. It’s strange the way we can feel disconnected. It is strange how the experience of timelessness always fills me with a sense of freedom. It’s magical how viewing the majesty of swans in settled waters brings serenity.